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Julia Reilly is a professional corporate presenter. Boasting a background spanning over 15 years, Julia has had the chance to work in many environments including trade shows, live events, and on-camera. Such a diverse and well-rooted professional history has allowed Julia to develop an adaptable and result-oriented attitude. She delivers technical jargon with ease and guests often think she is an expert on the topics she speaks about.

Julia is a sought-after corporate presenter thanks to her unique way to fully engage an audience through great presentation skills and crowd gathering capabilities, She possesses a personable style that enables her to appear approachable and fun while remaining fully credible and professional.She is highly skilled with earprompter and teleprompter and also does voice-over and on-camera work.

Julia Reilly
Julia Reilly

Standing at 5’10” Julia began her career as a model in her teens working the runway for Saks 5th Avenue, Nordstrom, Nike, Valentino, and Neiman Marcus. As her career evolved she began to do print work, television commercials, and on-camera hosting for Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, Publix, Verizon, Dillard’s, Comcast, Subway, and HSN. But her true passion was engaging a live audience and Julia truly shined presenting to crowds at tradeshows. Julia has represented companies like Samsung, HP, Cisco, Porsche, Nintendo, Canon, and P&G.

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