Julia Reilly
I’ve worked with Julia on dozens of different corporate projects over the last few years. She has represented our company with a positive and enthusiastic nature. She is studied, intelligent, prompt, flexible, easy to work with, and fun to be around. I highly recommend her for any project or event, where a true professional is needed. Michael Quinn

Marcom Business Specialist, Schneider Electric

We were looking for a presenter for NAB 2015 to ramp up our presence at the show and we were referred to Julia and really loved her ability to take technical jargon and make it work for a varied audience. I worked with her in pre-sessions and on the booth’s stage for 4 days and it was a great experience. It was my first time being out front for a company, and while I didn’t have to talk much, Julia helped me to feel comfortable with my new role right off the bat. She brings good energy, humor and a welcoming presence to the demos Bruce Jones

Senior Solutions Architect, Aframe

Julia’s high energy, engaging personality, and smile kept each and every audience member enthralled Her ability to ad lib and interact produced a seamless and perfect presentation each and every time. Julia seemed to make a personal connection with audience members and although it’s often hard to gain participation from the audience, she did so with ease. I have been in the industry for over 20 years as an Event Program Manager and can honestly say that I have never worked with a more professional, amazing, dynamic emcee…Julia was the SINGLE most integral part of our booth presence at ASIS making it incredibly successful for Cisco.

Joannie Loobey

Event Program Manager, Cisco

From the very beginning Julia’s professionalism and experience not only contributed to our huge success, but enhanced our project to its full potential. Julia was hired to be an “emcee”, but we received so much more. Eager to assist anywhere, Julia immersed herself in knowing our business which allowed her to gather leads from our prime prospects, acted as an entertaining crowd gatherer, presented our main messaging and was just an absolute delight to be around! Today Julia continues to exceed our expectations and I know that she is partially responsible for our continued success.

Shelley Borne

Account Execute, GES

We chose Julia based upon her ability to articulate complex concepts and technical terminology in an easy to understand and engaging fashion. Julia arrived at the show well prepared. She nailed it – message was clear, presentation was clean, inflection was perfect and the audience was enthralled. Julia’s ability to ad-lib and create a buzz on the show floor helped initiate an audience and once she began her presentation, the audience would grow in numbers – it was not uncommon for the audience to double in size from the beginning of the presentation to the end. The message she delivers is consistent but she makes it her own by engaging with the audience members, creating a personal bond with them and in turn keeps their attention to her message. Her eloquent vocalization of our company and industry terminology had many competitors, partners and customers asking if she worked for us. People who ran multi-billion dollar businesses thought she had worked for us for 10 years, they were shocked and amazed. It is a testament to Julia’s capability to bring a message to life in a personal and believable fashion. I had one competitor ask me, “What’s the spokesperson worth?” I said, “Priceless!” At these trade shows, we have products, videos, signs, salespeople and give-aways but none of those tactics can draw in the audience, engage them in conversation, hypnotize them with the message and direct them to the salespeople for follow on conversations – this is Julia’s expertise. The bottom line is that Julia personally accounted for getting a bigger audience for our message, she eloquently represented our message and she never had one person leave the booth after she started the presentation (we initially thought the script was too long … either we were wrong about the length or Julia could hold the audience’s attention while reading “War and Peace”). We are pleased with our choice of marketing tactics and are thrilled with our choice of spokesperson. We would use Julia again and I would personally recommend her to my friends and colleagues.”

Marty Graen

Vice President Global General Manager, CarestreamNDT

As part of a new product launch, we were tasked by our client to find a presenter who could deliver a technical message is a fun, captivating way. While sourcing booth talent is always a gamble, I’d say we hit the jackpot with Julia. From our first phone call weeks before the show, to the final minutes of our event, Julia’s energy was evident and her ability to hit on point after point was absolutely precise. The client was thrilled with her work, and I can tell you this much: when we need a presenter anywhere in the US, not just Orlando, Julia will be the first person I call.

Dave Sniadak

Communications Manager, Endeavor Air

Julia has an amazing ability to connect with a tradeshow audience. She is an expert with an audio prompter and is able to adjust the script to make it very conversational while preventing any change in the messaging. Julia is simply the best and will always be my first choice for tradeshow talent.

Walter (Bud) Most

National Events Manager, P&G Pet Care

Julia Reilly was charming, friendly, and engaging while conveying the details our corporate message with the utmost clarity. She has 1001 ways to engage potential customers and is adept at knowing when to use each one. Julia’s expertise, and adaptability continually surpassed expectations. We look forward to working with her again. Jared Lyles

Director of Operations & Development, PrintLess Plans

We’ve worked with Julia for many years now on multiple shoots and she’s always a joy to work with! She easily conveys both professional topics as well as light-hearted ones with a “girl next door” charm. We’ve used Julia for both long shoots and short 1-2 hour shoots and have always been happy with the results. Stephen Schweickart

CEO, VScreen

I discovered Julia giving product presentations for her client at the ConExpo trade show in Las Vegas. Her booth was positioned with others outside in the Convention Center parking lot, a less-than-ideal setting for corporate performance.

Still, Julia delivered a top-notch scripted presentation to her assembled crowd. She possessed a performance style so rare even among professional speakers, managing to appear personable, approachable and fun, while remaining fully credible and professional. I immediately placed her on a very short list of talent I’d book for my clients.

I’ve hired Julia for a mix of presenting and staffing and each time, she wove her way through sizable pre-show chaos, and with minimal supervision and direction (and zero drama) she absorbed complex product knowledge, gelled with other staffers, and served her clients and their attendees with that same friendly, credible style. They loved her, so I love booking her.

I’d eagerly place Julia with any client. If you don’t do the same, you’re missing out one of the best in the business. Andy Saks

Owner, Spark Presentations

Julia immersed herself in knowing our business which allowed her to gather leads from our prime prospects, acted as an entertaining crowd gatherer, presented our main messaging and was just an absolute delight to be around. Angela Triano

Vice President, Envisage

We’ve had great success hiring Julia to be our corporate speaker at the Oracle World and I would highly recommend her for any company looking for a charismatic and dynamic speaker for their corporate events. Julia has an amazing personality and makes folks feel very comfortable when they approach the booth and want to listen to a corporate presentation. We had tremendous success with converting the leads that Julia created. I sincerely look forward to working with her in the future. Constantine Tikhoniouk

Inside Sales Manager, Virident

Julia is the consummate professional speaker, host, and MC at trade-show and live marketing events. While she nails all the details of a product speech, her fun personality and improvisational skills can turn a dry presentation into a lively attention garnering event that draws attendees into the space. Eric LeFeber

Creative Director, Art Director, Interactive Producer

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